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Past Life Regression

A Journey Towards Emotional Well-Being

For individuals looking to angle themselves strategically toward positive life changes, it can be quite informative to undergo a past life regression. By partaking in a past life regression, you get the opportunity to explore not only who you are now, but who you have been in previous lives, this is a concise way to discover why you have a certain a fear/phobia or why you may be participating in self defeating behaviors, to name a couple options. When you turn to Clarity With Karen for assistance with finding the roots of an issue that needs understanding and healing, you are going to be treated to the most in depth and positively supported services around. Let's take a close look at my Past Life Regression Therapy services to see how it can assist you on your journey toward emotional well-being.

Past Life Regression: The very phrase may be new to your ears and yet speaks to your heart. Past life regression therapy is all about exploring who we are, who we have been, what we do, and why we do it. By taking an in depth look at our past, we can gain a more complete and well rounded understanding of our souls journey and how it impacting our present life.

There are many reasons to consider exploring emotional healing through a past life regression. Past life regression therapy can lead to a reduction in anxiety and alleviation of physical pain. Other benefits of partaking in a regression includes a reduction in self sabotage, financial troubles, chronic pain, negative relational patterns as well as fears.

A Past Life Regression session is approximately 2hrs long. These sessions can easily be booked online. While you are there, you can also explore the benefits of my Healing Sessions (Full/Half) as well as my Distance Healing and Clearing Sessions.

When it comes time to take control of your life and the direction that you are heading in, let Clarity With Karen offer you guidance. Through my professional energetic healing services as well as my intuitive readings, I am always ready to support you on your healing journey.

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