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Cleansing Negative Energy: Call Clarity with Karen For Your Psychic Healer and House Clearing Needs!

Are you moving to a new place? Do you want to clear negative energy from the home that you are currently inhabiting? There are many reasons that you should want to fully clear the energy of previous tenants or owners before moving in, there may also be a question about any unseen negative or conscious energy that may be also be sharing our physical spaces. Sometimes negative energy can come in by way of antiques, strong emotional events, ouija boards or addictions to substances. Other times negative energy can begin to build due to clutter, high stress events, or tension. In either situation, this build up of negative or stagnant energy can highlight the need for a house clearing from a professional psychic healer. If you found yourself here on this site, Clarity With Karen is here with a solution.

Every building on the planet possess its own energy some feel heavy and restrictive and some feel peaceful and light. You have, no doubt heard of buildings that have gained certain reputations for being haunted. Whether you are moving into an old or new building, reseting the energy can make a space feel more enlivened and comfortable, a house clearing can make the energy of your place much more peaceful and uplifting. There are a variety of house clearing techniques that I can implement to properly deal with whatever it is that is causing your specific issue or concern.

Just as important as energetic clearing of your home, is maintaining a positive flow of energy in your body is also a necessity. Negative energy can build up throughout our lives and cling to our physical body just by the simple act of moving through life this occurs, although it is strongly advised that if a trauma, abuse or a particularly negative event is experienced you should also have yourself cleared . This negative energy can lead to blockages throughout your energetic system and can also effect your chakras, which exist within and around your physical body. When these chakras become blocked and overloaded, we can feel the negative impact  on some or all areas of our life. These blocks can make your life more difficult and can also drag down your physical health and vitality. In order to maintain clear and health energy, you should consider pursuing periodic energetic clearing and feel the difference for yourself.

My work is backed by years of experience as well as a certification from Guided Light Healing.  As a Master Healer of Guided Light Healing, I am both excited and eager to help you on your path toward a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.

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