Full Healing Session (1 hr 15mins)


Private session include getting to the core of issues that are keeping blocked or stuck in repetitive patterns. Bringing those issues to awareness and giving you tools on how to remove them so you can move forward unimpeded. 

A full session will also include a healing which will help to solidify and make the changes needed permanent.

Specialties include, past life regression therapy, sleep paralysis understanding, 

Sessions can be done by phone or in person.

Half  Session (30mins)


1/2 healing session is geared towards one question or main concern with your life. The goal is to give you clarity on your situation and to assist you in creating desired outcomes.

Past Life Regression


Past Life regression therapy, is another way to explore who we are and why we do what we do. When remembering a past life, we gain a greater understanding of how the past may still be impacting us in this life.
Past life regression, can help alleviate: self sabotage, weight issues, physical pain, anxiety, fears, financial troubles, troublesome relationships as well as help us to understand current life themes and your souls path. 
Each session is approx 2 hours

Distance Healing & Clearing


All healings and clearings will remove heavy energy that is not original to the body. These healings  include charka calibration, past or current life traumas as well as a frequency boost to amplify your energy to a state of homeostasis.