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The truth about your chakras may surprise you, here’s some of the juicy stuff I’ll be sharing with you:


How to familiarize yourself with your chakra energies to discover how they have always been communicating with you and the world around you.


I will also introduce you to a few other lesser known chakras as well their important functions in your spiritual life.


I will lead you through a guided visualization to meet with the different spirit animals that oversee your chakras.


Acquire the skill of aligning with Source and Mother Earths Energy.


How to recognizing blocks that may be hiding out in your chakras as limiting beliefs and blocks as well as methods for releasing them.


Tips on which crystals to use in order to amplify and strengthen individual chakras.


The surprising correlation between your chakras and planetary energies, I will reveal powerful tips for flowing with these powerful energetic tides.


Discover the special link between your endocrine system and chakras.


The simple method of protecting your energy when rout in crowds and around draining individuals.


Fun Fact: When your chakras are clear, spinning properly, and boosted.


You Pull In More Opportunities 

Attract Healthier Relationships

Increased Feelings of Wellbeing

Elevated Self Worth

Stronger Willpower

Amplified Creativity 

And more…


Healthy Chakras are crucial part of manifesting, when a chakra or chakras are drained, damaged, or impacted your manifesting is surely being affected.


Discover the physical method you can use to physically see your chakras spinning in real time.


This workshop will conclude with a guided healing meditation where you will be guided  firstly to clear afterwards I will commence with energy work to boost all of your chakras vitality and function.

*Any one in need of chakra repair and rebuilding will be also done by me during this time.


Chakra: from the Sanskrit word meaning “disk” referring to energetic vortexes that all living beings have including earth… Mount Shasta is one!

Energy exchange: $65


Sign up to join and feel the difference for yourself!

To reserve your spot, venmo $65 to @karen-piiranen


*Instructions and Zoom link will be emailed to you after purchase.

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